Financial Planning

We take a comprehensive approach to plan for your life’s important agendas. Through the use of the industry’s finest software, we partner with you to develop a personal website that manages your entire financial picture. This program is your financial command center used for retirement planning, cash flow modeling, estate planning and more. We employ a collective 60+ years of planning knowledge and expertise to tailor strategies and solutions to your financial concerns.

Asset Management

If you’re like most investors, you’ve struggled to feel good about your investing. You’ve never really known when to buy, sell, make changes or sit still. It’s always felt more like random luck than deliberate plan.
We’ve got a solution for that. At IFS, your investment activities are driven by strategy based on decades of academic research gathered from the capital markets. Our investment strategy connected with your personal financial goals guides confident decision-making for:
• Your proper allocation of assets
• Fund and/or security selections
• Trading decisions
That way, you can relax, knowing you’re making well-reasoned decisions for you and your family

Investment Tax Planning

Successful investing is not just about accumulating assets, it’s about spending them meaningfully and properly throughout your life. By minimizing leakage from taxes and maximizing deferrals and other tax strategies, we help you keep more of your hard earned resources in your pocket.
We work together with your chosen tax professional to implement strategies we custom design to solve your tax issues.

Estate Planning

We help you establish a well-crafted plan to continue your legacy for future generations. The peace of mind, from knowing your wishes will be carried out in the manner you desire, is priceless. Through the partnership with your attorney, we will develop strategies to minimize taxes and potential family issues.

Insurance Services

Most people collect insurance plans throughout their lifetime. What once was a great idea is now and unnecessary expense. Our need for insurance and the type we own drastically changes from young adulthood to the time we near retirement. We will evaluate your insurance programs to be certain you are covered for the current risks to your financial well-being.